The Universe (and Spaceship Earth)

We have been remiss in not spreading the word about a very good television program being shown this summer. It’s called “The Universe” and it debuted on The History Channel back in June, on Tuesday nights at 9.00pm EDT. So far there have been five episodes, and tonight’s episode is titled “Spaceship Earth.” Here is a promo…

Take a high performance ride through the formation of the third planet from the Sun, Earth. A survivor of one of the most violent “neighborhoods” in the universe, learn how earth was created and discover what creatures hold clues to how life began. What evil forces threaten the demise of Earth? Complex and controversial, this is the scientific detective story of all time. Cutting-edge graphics are used along with the stories of scientists and explorers who dare to venture into the uncharted territory of the cosmos.

So please check your local listings for where The History Channel is showing. And the good news is they repeat all the episodes at other times.

We will be posting a reminder of this program every Tuesday.


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