The Early Bird gets the Planet

If you are getting up early these days, either to get the kids off to school, or go to work (or perhaps you’re coming home form work) you might see a really bright object in the morning twilight to the east. No, it’s nothing “unidentified”, it’s the planet Venus.

If you remember near the end of July we lost Venus in the evening twilight, and it passed between us and the Sun in the middle of August. But because of the steep angle of the ecliptic this time of year, Venus has quickly risen to become prominent in the morning sky.

Venus in the September morning sky
Venus in the morning sky just before sunrise

As we continue into the Fall season, Venus will rise earlier and earlier, rising higher each morning until late October/early November. But at that time, the ecliptic will not be as steep, and we will actually have Venus in the morning sky well through winter.

So while you’re rushing around in the morning getting ready to go out, or go in, take a look outside before sunrise to see the morning beacon guiding the sun to its place in the sky.


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