“Falling” into a new Season

Did you know that when you went to bed last night it was summer, and when you got up this morning it summer was over? Well it’s true. Welcome to Fall, or the “Autumnal Equinox.”

This year Fall arrived at 5.51am EDT. At that time, the sun was directly over the celestial equator, halfway between it’s travels from the summer solstice in June to the winter solstice in December.

The term “Equinox” means “equal night” (from the Latin). In theory, on the equinoxes you have equal amounts of day and night, but it actually varies because of a few factors, some of which being the orbit of the earth, the way the atmosphere bends light (refraction), and your actual position on the earth. But the common understanding is that we have equal amounts of daylight and nighttime on this date.

Because of it’s position in the sky, at this time of year there is a concern about the sun. Nothing serious, but it is a problem for individuals who happen to be driving in the early morning and late evening. Since the sun’s position in our sky is over the equator, when it rises and sets it is directly east or west. That means if you happen to be driving east in the early morning, or west in the evening, you’re going to be staring right into the sun. Please take care while driving, and remember, never stare directly at the sun.

So go out and experience the new season, and get ready for the fall harvest, changing leaves, pumpkins, and crisp clear fall nights.


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