September’s Full “Harvest” Moon

When you step outside the evening of the 26th at sunset, you will see quite a site: the beautiful full moon rising in the east.

The full moon for this month is called the Harvest Moon. This is the name given to the full moon nearest the fall (autumnal) equinox. At this time, the bright full moon in the sky allows farmers to work in their fields longer, harvesting the yearly crop.

The full moon only happens when the moon is opposite the sky from the sun, so it rises as the sun sets. The full moon on Wednesday is exactly at 3.45pm EDT. Sunset will be at 7.33pm and the moon will have risen 12 minutes earlier.

On Thursday, we’ll discuss the “effect” the Harvest Moon has. Until then, even if you don’t have anything to harvest, step outside tomorrow night and enjoy the visual harvest of the full moon.


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