Discovery Heads to Space

“We have liftoff!!”

At 11.38am EDT, the space shuttle Discovery left the ground from launch complex 39A, beginning at journey to the International Space Station and a 14-day mission in space.

Discovery will install the Harmony module to ISS, and move the P6 truss to its permanent position. The P6 solar arrays were the first arrays at the station, but set in a temporary position until such time as the truss system was completed. Now it can be installed permanently.

Soon the orbital elements will be available, and by going to sites like Heaven’s you will be able to see when the shuttle (and the space station) will be flying over your location (please see this previous post about seeing ISS).

You can follow the mission at the shuttle mission page and if there are any special events, we’ll talk about them here. Locally, we have the Community Media Center to thank, as they broadcast NASA-TV on local cable channel 24 (Livewire). The GRAAA sponsors NASA-TV locally.

So Godspeed Discovery, and good luck on your mission.

(Update: Discovery successfully docked with ISS before 9am EDT on 10/25) 


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