Perihelion Day!

Even though it’s winter, the Earth arrived at perihelion today. Perihelion is when the Earth is closest to the Sun on its orbit. This is opposite of aphelion, which we talked about last July.

The closest point in our orbit was around 7.00pm in the evening, or 00.00 UT (Universal Time). Now we slowly head back out to the further area of our place around the Sun. And even though it’s cold out, winter doesn’t last as long as the other seasons because of our orbit. When, like now, we are closer to the sun, we move faster in our orbit. Conversely, in July when we are farthest away, we orbit slower.

You can see the sun is slowly rising from its lowest point in the sky, which was back in December. As the Sun rises higher, the days get slowly longer. We have gained eleven minutes of daylight in the evening so far, and will continue to gain minutes as the days and months go on.

So be patient… warmer (and sunnier) times are coming.


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