January’s Full Moon

The full moon for January happens at 8.34am EST on Tuesday the 22nd. That moment is when the moon, in its journey around the Earth, is exactly opposite the sun in the sky. Now, unless you are very observant, the individual casually looking up at the moon won’t be able to discern the exact moment of the “full” phase, so there is a apparent leeway of time before and after that is referred to as “the full moon.” You may hear the local meteorologists talking about “tonight’s full moon” several days before (or after) the actual event. Are they being lazy in finding out the true time of the moon’s phase, or is there another reason? Only they know, but be assured, most of them are incorrect when they tell you it’s “full moon.”

The full moon for January is called the Full Wolf Moon, as the cold and snowy nights seemed to magnify the howls of the wolves as they gathered for the hunt (wolves and coyotes, can howl for other reasons too, many of them weather related).

So during the hours leading up to that point, listen closely to what’s going on outside. Do you hear any howling? Is it the wind? Is it (like me) the neighbor’s dogs barking? Or is it something wild?


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