The Universe (Constellations)

The next episode of the amazing series The Universe continues tonight. The new episode is called “Constellations.” Here’s a preview…

A constellation is a group of stars that are connected together to form a figure or picture. These star pictures help organize the night sky and provide a useful tool for astronomers even today. Explore some of the 88 official constellations and learn about some of the highlights of each–like the star that’s due to go supernova in the constellation Orion. Discover the 13th zodiac sign that no one talks about, and find out why Polaris, the North Star, will one day have to surrender its title.

One of the things we do at our observatory during public nights is point out the constellations to the visitors. Did you know that if you know just a bit of the night sky, you can find out which direction you are facing, and where you are on the Earth?

Check local listings for the time of the show (and visit our observatory this year to find out more about the figures in the sky).


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