The Universe (Cosmic Collisions)

The next episode of the amazing series The Universe continues tonight. The new episode is called “Cosmic Collisions.” Here’s a preview…

It’s been said that our universe is a cosmic shooting gallery. Gravity is moving everything around and things are bound to collide. Astronomers are attempting to understand how these collisions occur in the dark recesses of space. Learn about collisional families, which are clusters of comets and asteroids; planetary collisions; mass extinction impacts involving asteroids and comets; stars collisions; and galaxy cluster collisions. Cutting-edge computer graphics are used to bring this series down to earth as the heavens yield their greatest secrets.

A monumental collision gave us our moon, and is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Comets have slammed into Earth and the other planets. Asteroids pass our planet almost daily, and the possibility of a collision is why organizations like Minor Planet Research attempt to discover these close interlopers.

Check local listings for the time of the show.


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