Spring Ahead

Okay, who forgot to set their clocks ahead one hour before they went to bed last night? Raise your hands (or are you still in bed)? Nowadays, many of the electronics in our homes switch automatically. My televisions and clocks do; the only thing I have to change is the clock in my car.

This is the second year of the “new rules” laid down about Daylight Saving Time, and I won’t rehash old news. Also, in writing up this post this morning, I realized that two other people have done a much better job than I, so I am just going to link to their posts on the subject.

Phil Plait, in his badastronomy.com post Don’t Forget to Reset Your Clocks is short, and grumbles a bit about the whole DST thing, while the Astroprof’s article Daylight Wasting Time gives you all the information you will ever need about why we change, and why we shouldn’t change, and why the government is just plain wrong about this whole issue. And this science writer has some personal thoughts as well on this subject.

So head on over there and read these articles. I’m going back to bed for a while. 🙂


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