Flip That Light Switch!

That’s correct. Turn that light off tonight at 8.00pm (local time).

“Why do that?” you ask. Well, two reasons.

The first is to participate/celebrate “Earth Hour,” a world-wide effort to reduce energy consumption around the globe. It’s the idea of the World Wildlife Fund, who started this in 2007 in Sydney Australia.

Going hand in hand this year is “Lights Out America,” which was started in San Fransisco in an effort to reduce energy consumption, and bring the problems of light pollution to the general public.

Even Google is “going dark” for the day.

So do your part. From 8.oopm to 9.00pm tonight, turn off your lights, unplug any appliances you aren’t using. Turn of the television. Heck, turn off and unplug your computer for an hour! (Yes, you’ll survive an hour without being online). Make a difference in your community.

And if you’re looking for something to do for that hour, go outside if it’s clear and watch the sunset and the stars come out. You’ll be taking part in something wonderful.

For more information…

Earth Hour

Lights Out America  


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