May’s Full Moon

The third Monday in May brings the full moon for the month. This time the moon will attain “full” phase at 10.11pm Eastern Time on the 19th. May’s full moon is called the “Full Flower Moon” and you can readily see that by the number of flowers blooming in yards and gardens everywhere.

This month’s event will have even more significance, due to the position of the moon in its orbit around the Earth. When it is full, the moon will be just under twelve hours from its apogee (furthest from the earth) and will appear smaller in the sky. It will be the “smallest” full moon of the year, over 12% smaller visually than the full moon of December, which will be near perigee (closest to the Earth).

You will also notice that the moon is lower on the horizon than previous months. That is due to many factors, some of which include the moon’s orbit around the Earth, and Earth’s orbit around the Sun. More on this next month for the June Full Moon report.


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