Discovery Channel Salutes NASA

If you have The Discovery Channel on your cable or satellite system, and you are a fan of the space program (which you probably are, if you’re reading this) you should check out a great six-part program that begins on Sunday evening, June 8th.

Titled “When We Left Earth,” this miniseries gives an overview of the fifty years of NASA, using footage seen and also footage previously not seen by the public in many years. And what is even more incredible, NASA worked with the Discovery Channel in converting all those old film and video reels into high definition format, for a stunning visual feast.

Spanning the timeline from the choice of the original Mercury Seven astronauts to the mission of the International Space Station, “When We Left Earth” is a must-see for any space enthusiast, or anyone who has ever gazed up in the night sky in wonder, wishing they could experience what’s out there.

The Discovery Channel website has an extensive area devoted to this program, with interactive timelines, information, and games. Please check it out.

And after you have seen this breakthrough miniseries, you can pick it up on DVD (regular and the spectacular Blu-Ray editions) on July 10th.

So “check your local listings” as to when this program will be seen in your area.


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