Choosing a Telescope

So you are looking for a telescope, perhaps for yourself or someone else (child, sibling, loved one) and are confused? Well, we are here to help.

Perhaps a recent news article spawned an interest in astronomy; perhaps something else attracted them to this hobby. Either way, a telescope has come to mind.

As a public service, the we have collected some Internet Sites that discuss how to purchase your first telescope: what to look for, what to avoid, etc., in choosing your instrument.

WARNING!DO NOT buy a telescope at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Meijer, Sears, etc. They sell junk, and this will ruin your experience very quickly.

Disclaimer: The following sites are not a part of the this web site and are provided only as a convenience to you. We do not guarantee, endorse or assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content found on these sites and shall not be liable to you or to any other person or entity for any damages you may experience because of any incompleteness, errors or omissions in the information or its transmission to you from these sites or for any action you may take in reliance on that information.


Buying your First Telescope

Choosing Your First Telescope

Getting Started in Astronomy: Choosing your first Telescope

Heretic’s Guide to Choosing and Buying Your First Telescope

How to Buy (and Not Buy) a Telescope

How to Buy a Telescope, Without Regrets

Recommendations for Beginning Amateur Astronomers

So, You Want To Buy A Telescope?

So You Wanna Buy a Telescope… Advice for Beginners Telescope Buying Guide

Telescope Buyers FAQ

What kind of telescope should I buy?


3 Responses to Choosing a Telescope

  1. Colin Devroe says:

    Great list of links, thanks!

  2. NurseShannon says:

    I got this for my boyfriend last Christmas and he still loves it. It has a very sturdy base, and is very nicely made. It even shipped sooner than originally promised! It’s not the highest quality telescope, but for this price it was great for a beginner. I would guess that children could use it with ease, as well.

  3. W. Dees says:

    This is my and my wife’s first venture with a telescope so we sought something that would not require a big investment; would not “jiggle or shake” if bumped when in use; would be easy to handle and transport by hand; and allowed us some recreational fun. This item is sturdy and easy to set up but lacks a couple of minor conveniences that could inexpensively been added by the manufacturer to enhance the user’s enjoyment. Without detracting from our feelings that there is inherent value in this item to introduce the beginner (especially kids) to astronomy, the changes would be: (1) although the tripod is nice and firm with a locking mechanism, the removable little tray that one snaps inside the legs to hold some of the extras is not easy to put into place or remove; (2) there is insufficient guidance on how to best utilize the infrared eye piece that is battery powered and it is easy to overlook that this eyepiece battery is in the on positon when folding up and storing it and a dead battery will ensue; (3) there is not a protective cap for the 10mm or 20mm lens inserted into the eyepiece if you do not always want to have to remove and store them when not in use; and (4) a carrying case (cloth or plastic) for storage for a few bucks more would have been a nice addition…we’re still searching for something suitable. Again, overall it was worth

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